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Whether it's an opening or closing routine to a general session, interstitial segments during an awards show or a full length after dinner show, Rhythm Extreme Routines are the perfect answer for any client seeking high-impact entertainment!  Our routines are intricately choreographed and combine many elements including drumming, dancing, singing, acrobatics and more!  Our performances are exciting and will have your audience filled with enthusiasm and on their feet!

Click Photos Below To See Videos Of Each Routine

Opening Drumming Routine

This is the perfect high energy start to any event!

Audience Participation

 We'll have your people on their feet, clapping, stomping and

working together to join the cast in the ryhthmic fun!

Custom Routines

We'll take your products and make them a center point of our show.

Can Routine

This is the perfect high energy closing routine for any show!

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