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With over 16 years experience and large casts in Los Angeles and Orlando, Rhythm Extreme truly is Corporate America's #1 Rhythmic Performance Troupe. We've performed hundreds of shows at top venues around the USA and all over the world!   Not only do we perform at high end corporate events, we also perform our Rhythmic Shows at Theme Parks, Cruise Ships, Casinos, New Years Eve Events, Product Launches, Trade Shows and Private Parties everywhere!

People everywhere are drawn to and fascinated by Rhythm!

Rhythm Extreme's shows are filled with drumming, tapping, banging, slamming, spinning and burning beats!   Not only do we use real drums, but we also create our infectious beats with oil drums, trash cans, buckets, brooms, hockey sticks, prescription bottles, BBQ grills, forks, spoons and lots of other everyday ordinary objects.  Give us ANYTHING and we'll use it to make rhythm!  

We've got the BEATS!


We drum, we dance, we sing, we do a little hippity hop, we do a little flippity flop and when things get really going, the sparks fly!

Fred Tallaksen Creative Director

​Fred Tallaksen is an award-winning choreographer whose work can be seen and recognized all over the world. He is a two-time Emmy nominee, an American Choreography Award winner, a nominee for a second American Choreography Award, a winner of two Choreography Media honor Awards, an Espirit Award winner, as well as several Gala Awards, and a nominee for an Ovation Award and a Robby Award.

Being a talented and eclectic choreographer, who is prepared, organized, professional and easy to get along with, puts Fred in demand with top Producers and Directors worldwide.  He is well versed in many styles and disciplines and is super creative.

Lending his talents to film, television, theater, commercials, stage, music videos and the corporate entertainment field, Fred has not only choreographed dancers, singers, actors and musicians, but also skaters, drummers, BMX riders, skateboarders, aerial artists, cheerleaders, gymnasts and all kinds of specialty performers.   He has become known for his signature "everything but the kitchen sink" spectacle shows worldwide.

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